in&out patient services

Patient Services

We are a full service healthcare provider that treats our patients fast so that they can move on with the rest of their day. In & Out Urgent Care offers an inviting atmosphere coupled with intelligent, friendly and efficient staff so that we can provide superior care. We service with speed and comfort to our patients and pride ourselves on patient care.

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new orleans urgent pediatric care

Pediatric Care

We offer pediatric care to children over the age of 2 years old. Common conditions that can be treated at our location include; ear infections, Sore throat, minor burns, mild asthma, sprained ankles, suspected fractures, broken bones and rashes

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New Orleans Occupational Medicine

Employment Services

We offer an array of employment services such as physicals, drug screenings, work related injuries and much more. With competitive pricing, commitment to excellence and an unparalleled degree of personalized service, In & Out Urgent Care provides companies with a convenient range of Occupational Medicine services.

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new orleans clinic trials

Clinical Trial Program

In addition to welcoming patients on a walk-in basis, at In & Out Urgent Care we truly separate ourselves from other urgent care centers. Not only are we pleased to provide excellent care to our patients, but we also are constantly evolving and striving to be updated on the newest, cutting edge of medicine.

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hydrate here

Hydrate Here

Utilizing IV injections to deliver fluids, medications, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements directly into your bloodstream. This is a safe and effective method and only administered by medical staff. Whether you’re recovering from too much stress, intense athletic training, or too many drinks, Hydrate Here will direct you to a swift recovery.

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new orleans college care card

College Care Card

This program is not an insurance product; it is a healthcare membership program with low fees and great benefits. Our membership entitles you to medical visits at In & Out Urgent Care and covers a number of treatments and onsite tests that you would traditionally have performed at a primary care facility with an appointment.

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