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Urgent Care Membership Services

    • Abscess Incisions   |   Ear Infection   |   Insect Bites   |   Sports Physicals   |   Stitches
    • Allergies   |   Fever Lacerations   |   Rash   |   Sore Throat
    • Burns   |   Flu   |   Migraines   |   Sinus Infection   |   UTI
    • Congestion   |   GI Disorders   |   Nausea   |   Sprains/Strains   |   X-Rays
    • Flu Test   |   Strep Test   |   Urinalysis   |   Nebulizer Treatment   |   Pregnancy Test
    • Mono Spot   |   IM Medications   |   EKG Blood Glucose   |   RSV   |   Fecal Occult Blood

Discounted Membership Services

    • Outside Labs   |   Outside Imaging   |   Splints   |   Immunizations   |   IV Therapy

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    In & Out Urgent Care Membership Services

Important Information To Read Before Joining
Annual Memberships & Semester Memberships become active immediately once registration has been completed. You must be a student of the University in order to qualify for this membership.

A onetime initial registration fee of $25.00 is assessed to enroll in College Care Card Membership Plans. Once enrolled, this fee is waived on any future renewals.

Membership includes services performed only at In & Out Urgent Care located at 6225 S. Claiborne Avenue New Orleans, Louisiana 70125.

Long term pain management, administration of narcotics and controlled substances are not covered to patients. This will be referred to a specialist at the provider’s discretion.

Notice: This program is not an insurance program; it is a healthcare membership program with low fees and benefits. Our membership entitles you to medical visits at our urgent care and covers a number of treatments and onsite tests that you would normally receive at an urgent care or primary care facility.