Medical Memberships
  • Medical Memberships

    Don’t you hate being sick or hurt and having to decide if you can afford meeting your high insurance deductibles, being out-of-network?
    In & Out Urgent Care offers a medical membership program with low fees and great benefits. Our membership entitles you to medical visits at our urgent care and covers a number of treatments and onsite tests that you would normally receive at an urgent care or primary care facility.
    If you happen to have a health insurance plan with a high deductible or an out of state insurance policy with a high out-of-network deductible, combine our Medical Membership with your plan and you will not hesitate to seek medical care to keep you and your family healthy and away from ERs and hospitals while in school.
    Our Medical Membership provides you and your family with medical care within the scope of In & Out Urgent Care’s facility. Once your membership is activated you can bring your membership card to our urgent care clinic and receive medical care as needed.

    In and Out Urgent Care

      Who Benefits From Our Medical Membership Program?

      1. Individuals & Families W/High Deductibles
      2. Uninsured Individuals & Families
      3. College Students
      4. Employers Seeking Medical Care For Employees

    Membership Plans

    Membership PlansMonthly
    Families (3 or more)$129.00

    Once membership becomes active, members will pay only $15 for an office visit. Covered medical care could include consultation and treatment with a provider, on site labs and X-Ray.

  • How To Become A Member

    How To Become a Member

    To become a member is easy and fast. All you need to do is visit our Medical Membership enrollment page and register for the membership that best fits you. Remember there are no contracts and no commitments!

    Membership Start Dates

    • Members must join before the 20th of each month in order to become active on the 1st of the following month.
    • Your monthly memberships will be deducted from your credit card by the 5th of each month

    Important Information to Read Before Becoming a Member

    • Membership includes services performed only at In & Out Urgent Care clinics.
    • First two months of payment are required during enrollment.
    • Long term pain management and administration of narcotics and controlled substances are NOT covered.
    • Patients will be referred to a specialist at the provider’s discretion.
    • Members who join before the 20th will become active on the 1st of the following month


  • This is NOT health insurance

    This program is not a health insurance program. This is a healthcare membership program that offers low monthly fees. Our membership entitles you to medical visits at our urgent care clinic, covers procedures done at our urgent care clinic and on-site tests that are conducted at our urgent care clinic; which you would normally receive at an urgent care or primary care facility.

  • How Does This Membership Benefit Patients With Health Insurance?

    If you happen to have a health insurance plan with a high deductible, combine our membership with your plan and you will not have to hesitate to seek medical care to keep you healthy and it will keep you away from unneeded visits to the ERs and hospitals.

  • Employers Benefits

    Health insurance coverage is one of the most important benefits a business can offer to its employees. It is also one of its largest expenses.

    With our medical membership, employers can keep their employees happy and healthy while keeping healthcare costs manageable by using our services and avoiding costly trips to the ER.

    • Employers that can’t afford health insurance can offer employees this Medical Membership
    • Keep employees healthy and back to work quicker


  • Medical Membership Visit Types

    Illnesses & Treatments

    Abscess Incision and DrainageFluSinus Infection
    Allergic ReactionsFracturesSkin Allergy
    AllergiesFungus InfectionsSkin Infections
    BronchitisGI DisordersSplints Sprains
    Burns from heat or chemical exposureInsect BitesStitches.Suturing
    CongestionLacerationsSore Throat
    Diaper RashMigraines NauseaStrains
    Ear InfectionPhysicalsUTI
    EaracheRashWound Infection
    Eye InfectionRunny NoseAnd More!

    Covered Labs, Diagnostics, & Other Services

    (Patient Visits: Fees for nonmembers vs. No fees for members)

    On Site Labs:Diagnostic Services:Other Services:
    Flu TestDigital XRAYBody Composition Analysis
    Mono Spot TestEKGNebulizer Treatment
    Strep ThroatPulmonary Function TestingOn Site Pharmacy
    Urinalysis by DIPPulse OximeterPeak Flow Meter
    Pregnancy TestPFT
    KOH/Wet MountTheraputic Injection

    Injections Covered During Visits

    • Benadryl 50mg
    • Depo-Medrol
    • Epinephrine SQ
    • Kenolog 40mg
    • Phenergran 50mg
    • Rocephin 1g
    • Rocephin 250mg
    • Rocephin 500mg
    • Solu-Medrol
    • Toradol 60mg
    • Xopenex/Albuterol

    Membership Discounted On-Site Services

    We strive to provide members with the cost effect care. All members will receive 20% off of the following on-site services:

    • Fracture reduction end casting (some procedures will require outside referral)
    • Immunizations
  • Outside Labs Discounts

    Outside Labs Discounts

    Members will have access to additional outside labs not covered under the membership, but offered at significant discounted prices. In additional to the discounted prices, members will NOT be responsible for paying a $25 processing/draw feed.

    In and Out Urgent Care
  • Services Not Covered Under Membership

    Services Not Covered Under Membership

    There are some services that are outside the scope of urgent care medical care which are not covered under this Medical Membership. In addition to the services that are clearly excluded below, any service that is not explicitly stated as a covered service under the membership is considered an excluded service.


    • Ambulance transportation (ground or air)
    • Any hospitalization
    • Emergency room visits
    • Specialist referrals
    • Outside imaging
    • Fracture casting
    • Drug or alcohol rehabilitation
    • Any other tests or care not specified under the terms of the Medical Membership
    • Long term pain management
    • Administration of narcotics and controlled substances are not covered
    • Patients will be referred to a specialist at the provider’s discretion
    • Routine Primary Care visits


    Put Your Care In Our Hands

    Having our Medical Membership, puts your care directly into our hands. Our team of providers’ number one priority is your health and wellbeing.

  • Medical Membership Questions

    Medical Membership Questions

    If you have any questions about what is covered or the cost of services, please call us at 504-864-8080
    or email us at memberships@inandoutcare.com

  • Medical Membership Cancellation Policy

    Medical Membership Cancellation Policy

    We understand things can happen and that’s why our Month to Month memberships can be cancelled. There is no term or commitment to worry about. All we ask is that you follow the quick steps below when cancelling your membership.

    To ensure proper cancellation, members must complete our Cancellation Form. Phone calls, emails and any other form of cancellation will NOT be accepted.

    Please Follow The Following Steps To Cancel Your Membership:

    1. A Patient may cancel this Agreement at any time upon filling out our cancellation form below
    2. The cancellation of the Agreement shall automatically cancel the Agreement as to any of the Patient’s family members once we are in receipt if this.
    3. The cancellation notice for the Patient or a family member is effective on the last day of the calendar month following the receipt of such written notice.
    4. All outstanding balances must be paid in full before cancellation notice is valid.

    Any cancellation must be (1) on a Provider form used for that purpose (Cancellation Form Below), (2) received by the Provider in the month before the Agreement is to be cancelled (no later than 72hrs before next due).

  • Cancellation Form

    Your Name (required)

    Your Email (required)

    Your Phone Number(required)

    Please list the names of any family members also enrolled under your membership:

    Reason for Cancellation


    Please initial to comfirm: