Responding To Us & Your Insurance Provider

When you receive your statements from us, please review your statement and make sure that you understand your benefits along with the statement you received from your insurance provider. After understanding your statement, please pay this amount punctually. Should money be owed to you, we will refund it to you after settlement has been completed with your insurance provider.
In & Out Urgent Care provides the following payment options below to fit the need of each patient:

1. Easy to Read Billing Statements
After your visit you will receive a statement detailing the services that were provided to you during your visit with us, the coverage your insurance plan has covered for your visit and any remaining balance that may be owed.

2. Direct Billing to Insurance Providers
Our Billing Team will bill your insurance provider for the services that we provided during your visit at our clinic. Our staff will verify your coverage before or during your visit with your insurance provider.
After we hear back from your insurance provider, we will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance provider that explains the services you received during your visit, the amount that we billed you, any payments you made and any remaining balance you owe.

3. Online Payments
We are committed to making not only your patient visit easy, but your payment experience convenient and easy as well. You can click on the link below to get started on online billing.