Urgent care is for any medical issue that needs quick treatment but doesn’t require a visit to the emergency room. Things such as a strawberry on your knee can be treated at home, and a life-threatening symptom such as heart pain demands emergency room care. For everything else, visit one of our two In & Out Urgent Care clinic locations.

Your primary care doctor is great for wellness check-ups and to handle medical issues that don’t need immediate attention. Since most primary care doctors don’t accept walk-in appointments and it can take weeks to get an appointment, your friendly In & Out Urgent Care clinic is the best place to get fast, high-quality care, 7-days a week.

We offer treatment to patients of all ages for injury and illness; such as the flu, broken bones, cuts that need stitches, asthma attacks and many more healthcare needs so that we can provide you with a one-stop, full-service option for unscheduled, time-pressing care.

In & Out Urgent Care Clinic New Orleans

Our urgent care clinic New Orleans is located uptown across from Tulane Stadium.

New Orleans Location
6225 S Claiborne Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70125
P: 504-608-1720
F: 504-864-8020

In & Out Urgent Care Clinic Metairie

Our urgent care clinic Metairie opened in August 2017 and is located on North Labarre Road between Metairie and Airline Drive, next to Planet Fitness.

Metairie Location
100 N Labarre Rd Suite C
Metairie, LA 70001
P: 504-595-1571
F: 504-827-1177